Dr Bell has suffered from reflux for about 15 years. More recently, his symptoms were progressing despite being on Nexium. He also developed throat clearing despite being on the Nexium. When considering surgical options, he wanted to proceed with the LINX reflux management system. He reviewed his test results with Dr John Lipham at USC in Los Angeles. Turns out he was a good candidate for a study that the company was sponsoring. So, we made a trip to Los Angeles and he had a hiatal hernia repair and the LINX device placed. The day of surgery was quite uncomfortable as his hernia was a little larger than initially thought, but that resolved within a day. He is experimenting with his diet, and yogurt seems to be his friend as it doesn’t give him spasms when he swallows it. Cold things tend to hurt a little more than warm things, overall doing well. No heartburn since surgery – off of reflux medications for the first time in a decade. Very happy with the results! Stay tuned for progress reports.

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