Overall things are going well after Dr. Bell’s LINX surgery for reflux. Has been back to work for 10 days, energy level good- even up for a bike ride. He will need a little time to build up stamina, however, he is looking forward to biking without regurgitating. Given the size of the hiatal hernia, he is still uncomfortable from time to time – especially when lying down. He is having some pooling/food sticking, but a bite of yogurt every few hours seems to help. Water is the worst culprit. He is not experiencing heartburn and has not taken any omeprazole since surgery. Overall, he is very happy! Interestingly, carbonated beverages help things go down, however he concentrates on taking small bites and chewing food like he has never chewed before. Waiting 30 seconds between bites is really difficult… 30 seconds is a long time.