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Dr Bell Speaks at National Meeting on LINX

Dr Bell Speaks at National Meeting on LINX

Published on October 3 by

This last weekend, Dr Bell was asked to share his experience with LINX surgery to over 100 surgeons from across the country. It was a great opportunity to help educate and advance a great technology.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Now Covers the LINX Procedure!

Published on May 11 by

Exciting news for reflux surgery candidates! The LINX Reflux Management System is now covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. LINX is offered as an alternative to surgical fundoplication for the treatment of GERD, and is now available to over 15 million BCBS members. LINX is a new, […]

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Patient Testimonial: LINX Reflux Management System

Published on December 29 by

Dear Dr. Bell, I want to let you know your service and staff have treated me better than any office I have ever been affiliated with. The staff was extraordinary in explaining the procedure and worked hard to assure everything was as perfect as could be. As for the surgery, I could not have asked […]

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When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

Published on December 16 by

I am a surgeon who operates on patients to treat their GERD, and I am also a patient who has suffered from GERD for a number of years. With over 20 years in practice as a Board Certified General Surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, I have seen the pain and suffering […]

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What to Expect Before and After Reflux Surgery

Published on December 14 by

Before Surgery: Prior to surgery, most patients will be placed on a liquid diet for 7-10 days. This diet helps deplete the glycogen stores in the liver, making the liver shrink and become less fragile. This is helpful in surgery as we have to lift up the left side of the liver in order to […]

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Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery is Participating in the CALIBER Study

Published on September 15 by

For more information about the CALIBER study or LINX Reflux Management System, call 303-788-7700 or contact us here.

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Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery End-of-Summer Updates

Published on August 31 by

As summer is winding down, we have a lot of exciting updates for you: CALIBER study: This is a randomized controlled trial that is sponsored by Torax, the maker of LINX. We were the first practice in the country to enroll patients in this study. We’re very excited to be able to offer this to […]

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LINX Reflux Management System for GERD Treatment

Published on July 23 by

Reflux results from a weak valve between the esophagus and stomach (the lower esophageal sphincter). The gold standard surgery to fix this valve is the Nissen fundoplication. This surgery has been performed for over 50 years and works very well at treating reflux. The down side to this surgery is that there is a potential […]

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Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery Office Updates

Published on June 29 by

Welcome back, Natalie: We are happy to welcome Natalie back for the summer. Natalie’s a college student and is interested in going to school to be a physician assistant (PA). She has worked with us while on her breaks from school for 3 years now. When not helping Dr Bell with research projects, she helps […]

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