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Seriously great and knowledgeable people here


- Written on August 6

My case was complicated, I had already had two previous surgeries, and Drs here in the Grand Junction area would not touch me because they felt they did not have the skills to do what needed to be done. I had to sleep sitting up, but inevitably would slide down to the normal sleeping/ choking position. I would wake up coughing and gagging, sometimes running to the bathroom to throw up. I bought and used the new GERD pillow…. didn’t work. I have surgical knowledge because I worked for 20+ years in the operating room assisting on surgeries like the one I needed and gastric bypass etc. I knew I needed skill and experience. This would be my 3rd operation. I met with Dr. Bell via Telehealth late last year. I had been aspirating every night for 4 years and my lungs were beat up, I was tired, felt broken down and weak. He smiled and agreed to fix this. I was so excited he was going to operate on me because I knew he could fix me, he was my best chance. My only chance. I carefully followed all the diet instructions Kate sent to me. I believe it is our job as a patient to do all we can do to have the result we want surgically, not just the surgeon, if you can make their job easier do it. Feb 1st of this year he did fix me. He and Alyssa operated on me using the robot, my recovery has been easy. It has been a little over 6 months and I do not remember much in the way of difficulties, I had to be careful a little while about swallowing, but for the most part, I have lost weight, I look and feel great. I can eat, I can sleep and I can breathe. I have my life, my body and my strength back. Thank you Jesus, Dr. Bell, Alyssa, & Kate for staying with me after surgery, she was concerned and helpful. Checking in daily. The worst part of all this is Swedish, they took really good care of me, the staff was very competent and they all treated me very well, BUT I payed them alot of money I didn’t have to, and they are not doing anything about it. Then there was TIFFANIE, who works in the clinic for Dr. Bell. She went to bat for me and spent hours on the phone dealing with Anthem. I said HOURS. I think we all know how much it sucks dealing with insurance issues. wasting a DAY on HOLD, getting nowhere. Tiffany really knows her stuff and can handle anything with skill and knowledge of how the system works. Seriously great and knowledgeable people here at ier surgery. The result is I get to live again…

by Jo

1 year since my LINX surgery


- Written on January 4

Acid reflux is far from a silent disease. It’s not silent when I had to eulogize a loved one who had died from cancer caused by acid reflux. It’s not silent when my doctor tells me that the cells in my esophagus are precancerous. It’s not silent when the dentist tells me that acid reflux is the cause of seven new cavities in the last six months. It’s not silent when loved ones cry over my acid reflux test results.

Dr. Bell and his amazing staff wield the power to completely silence the roaring volcano of acid reflux with the LINX. It’s been more than a year since my surgery, and I’ve not had any over-the-counter medication… including a single antacid!

Dr. Bell and Kate took considerable time answering my many questions, they carefully explained my test results, cheered me on, and ultimately saved—then transformed—my life. I feel incredible and recommend them unconditionally.

by B Travis Wright

Excellent experience


- Written on September 27

It was excellent. Tiffany, Kate, Dr. Bell and yes, Sienna all made for an excellent professional and personal experience.

by Randy

Thank you, again and again!


- Written on September 6

Thank you for following up on a regular basis!

I’m doing very well, thank you! I have been able to progress my diet somewhat. There are some choices of foods that

I am keeping at a minimum and I’m happy to say I have already gone down one size on clothing. I have lost a total of

14 lbs! (I’m stoked!) I am very content with the discipline for better eating habits and how I feel! I can’t brag enough about the choice I made to have this surgery!

Thank you, again and again!

by Geri

Singing better than ever


- Written on August 30

Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that today, I’m singing in a way I never expected to happen again. If anything, over time, it’s getting more effective. I still have small burns sometimes, but I never thought my voice would be back to this point. Not after 2.5 years of being muted by this. I’m so happy I came to your office.

by Josh

‘I’m living reflux free!’


- Written on June 28

Could not be happier!!

by Bruce

Thank you


- Written on April 4

Dear Dr. Bell, Kate, and Staff, We are thrilled to have located a doctor who has finally helped John with his acid reflux issues. For over thirty years he has suffered with this painful condition, beginning with taking Zantac back in the 80’s, and eventually Nexium, and other forms of acid pump inhibitors. Now this awful infliction has been permanently resolved with the new “linx” procedure. Now he can forfeit acid reflux medications that can have side affects, such as the inability to absorb certain vitamins necessary for proper brain function. Your bedside manner is very comforting and authentic. You especially helped me feel at ease when you took your time to come out to the waiting room after John’s surgery on December12th to inform and reassure his surgery went well. And yes, John would be more than happy to be part of any spoke person, and/or recommendations for this specific procedure, including an interview with PBS. (move over Antonio Bandera’s, there’s going to be a new hot latin actor in Hollywood! ha .. ha .. ) We will highly recommend your name for anyone dealing with long term acid reflux, and your expertise in the field. Again, we want to “Thank You” and your wonderful staff for all your efforts in helping to give John his deserved quality of life back!


John and Linda Medina

P.S. Kate, thank you for your patience and answering all my/our questions in a timely manner ….. very efficient!

by John Medina

Great Team


- Written on November 21

I have always had a great experience with Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery. Dr Bell and Kate are a great team and provide thorough and excellent care. I appreciate not only the superb medical care, but also the ease at contact and the great follow up.

by MiChelle

Life changing surgery


- Written on August 16

First off I would like to thank Dr. Bell and his wonderful staff for everything. Had my surgery this last June, it has changed my life in so many ways, I sleep better, I train better and best of all no more medication. I swam a three mile event two weeks ago, improved my time by almost ten minuets, no regurgitation the whole swim. Placed third in the sixty over age group, forty seventh overall of about one hundred swimmers. Life changing surgery.

by William Trujillo

You guys are esophageal ROCK STARS


- Written on April 7

Dear Kate and Dr. Bell,

I am doing very well!!!!

I feel fine. I have not felt any of the “tightness” in my chest and my mucus is not backing up at all.

I kept to my food schedule as you prescribed with the liquids and now I’m eating salads, chicken, etc. I haven’t had any beef yet, but I will eventually, but not big bites ever and I will be chewing!!!

Thank you VERY much for all you have done for me so far……you guys are esophageal ROCK STARS and I am so happy to know you are there for me in case I need you “next time”.

Thank you…….your patient,

by Marjorie

I’m sleeping like a baby!!


- Written on March 9

I’m sleeping like a baby no more heart palpitation or anxiety in the middle of the night.My blood pressure is back to normal and my pulse also. I’m back to working with no problems its awesome I’m very happy with the results dr. Bell is great tell him i said thank you for everything. I will highly recommend him to anyone i know having the same issues. The only issue I’m still having is gas. and some discomfort when i drink really cold things nothing that i can’t live with . I can’t drink carbonated beverages or i get alot of gas but the discomfort from cold drinks is getting better slowly. Im going to start on a light weight lifting program this weekend I’ve been walking since about week 2 with no problems. I’ve been able to eat most anything since week 3 I’m now eating anything i want. Thank you for everything , Kate and Dr.Bell do a amazing job you gave me my life back i haven’t been able to work or workout in almost 2 years couldn’t play with my kids which are 4 and 8 now i can lift them or chase them jump on the trampoline with them so again thank you both very much.

by Tim

My cough is gone!


- Written on March 8

I am doing fantastic! I haven’t any issues questions or concerns. I couldn’t be happier! My voice is back, I can sing again and I do not have a cough at all, ever!

Please give my regards to Dr Bell and the staff. This surgery was the best health decision I have ever made.

Thank you for your genuine concern and your expertise!

by Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery patient

The care I received changed my life.


- Written on March 2

I was in constant pain before my surgery. The care I recieved changed my life. I feel like I have a new lease on life! I eat well and have no discomfort! Thank you Dr. and staff for all your wonderful work!!


by Dorothy

You guys have been amazing!


- Written on October 27

You guys have been amazing! I am so happy that I am a patient. I was feeling pretty frustrated with my gastro health management before I came to you. The caring nature of every staff member, combined with the knowledge, thoroughness, and continuous effort of Dr. Bell, Kate, and the staff is incredible! Thank you to everyone for working so hard and having great hearts that help a lot of people!


by Cody

It has changed my life for the better


- Written on September 26

I couldn’t be happier that I had the LINX put in. It has changed my life for the better. I recommend both Dr Bell and the procedure to anyone with reflux.

by DD

They completely understand what I am going through and their entire staff is courteous and accommodating beyond compare.


- Written on July 24

For the past 1 1/2 years, I have undergone treatment for a pretty bad form of GERD in Reno, NV. My existing GI told me after my last EGD not to come back until I had the Nissen Fundoplication surgery. Since that time, I have been trying to get a doctor to help me with surgical options. I have traveled to Denver to see Dr. Bell due to his expertise and the friendliness of his staff. Dr. Bell is the only one who listened and is doing something about my conidition. Both he and Kate – the Nurse Practitioner – are amazing individuals!! They completely understand what I am going through and their entire staff is courteous and accommodating beyond compare. I highly recommend Dr. Bell and his office for their services and am excited for the years to come.

by Jeff Howard

want to let you know your service and staff have treated me better than any office I have ever been affiliated with.


- Written on April 1

Dear Dr. Bell, I want to let you know your service and staff have treated me better than any office I have ever been affiliated with. The staff was extraordinary in explaining the procedure and worked hard to assure everything was as perfect as could be. As for the surgery, I could not have asked for a better outcome. You recommending the LINX procedure, and that was the best advice ever given. The surgery went smoothly just as you explained and without any complications. As for the acid reflux, there is NONE, and I have not taken a single tums since the surgery. This procedure has changed my life, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me back a very important part of it. This was the best health decision I have ever made. Thank you and your fantastic staff for being so incredible!

by Craig Gunnell

My surgical options were clearly explained to me so I could make the best choice for me.


- Written on December 18

I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Bell at Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery after suffering with GERD for over 25 years and taking numerous PPIs that seemed to work only for a while. The staff at Dr. Bell’s office is so nice to work with. Kate is so knowledgeable and loves her work. My surgical options were clearly explained to me so I could make the best choice for me. I was at ease with my decision for surgery knowing I was in very experienced hands. Post op pain from my fundoplication was minimal. I mostly took Tylenol and used heat, although it did zap my energy for a bit! It is so nice to eat whatever I want and not have to take medications. My only regret is not knowing about Dr. Bell and this surgery years ago. Thanks again for your wonderful care.

by Institute of Esophageal and Reflux Surgery Patient

I am elated and very grateful.


- Written on November 9

I am a 63 year old male. On November 9th, I had the Torax Linx device implanted by Dr Reginald Bell at Swedish Hospital, Englewood, CO. I had suffered from acid reflux (GERD) for over 20 years, during which time I took PPIs daily. As the PPIs became less effective, I had to explore alternatives. That is when I began my Linx journey.

Since the Linx surgery, I have not taken one PPI, nor any type of antacid. As with any surgery, there have been ups and downs, but the benefits to date far outweigh the obstacles faced along the road to recovery . My quality of life has changed dramatically. I am elated and very grateful.

by Michael P. Kearns